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Control Panels

At Belmar, we can design, manufacture and install process control panels to fit a wide range of purposes. This is a highly specialised area and requires experienced professionals to ensure that the work is carried out to a high standard and the equipment is safe to use.

Every electrical installation is unique and can have different requirements for their control panels. Some require simple push-button systems and some can require more sophisticated automated systems. Our engineers will consult with you to find out what the exact needs are. We will maintain communication throughout the design and manufacturing process to ensure that the end result meets your exact needs.

All of our equipment is tested prior to being installed to ensure that they are safe to use and perform their tasks according to their exact specifications. Our engineers will then install the panels in accordance with current legislation for the health and safety of your workers. We only use components from the industry leaders to ensure high-quality systems and expert care is taken throughout the whole design and manufacture process.

For more information on our process control panels, call us on 0759 080 8244.



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