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Belmar Announces Brand New Website

Wirral, Merseyside. Tuesday 23rd February 2015. Belmar announces the launch of its new website, belmarelectrical.com. The new website incorporates a modern design and reflects the company's heritage. Images of projects carried out by Belmar are incorporated into the website's site-wide template.

The website includes three central categories of 'Design', 'Software Design' and 'Installation' to reflect core services which Belmar offers. A client testimonial page is offered up for site visitors who wish to gain an unbiased view of their services.

Lastly a 'News' section is included. General company news will be included in the section.

Jamie Davies, Managing Director of Belmar decided to invest in the website following encouraging trading conditions.

“We have decided on investing in Belmar online presence in order to take advantage of the growing number of potential customers who find our services through the Internet,” said Davies.

“The chief aim of our investment in an online presence is to gain additional enquiries and also to provide a place we can send those who are interested in our services so that they can learn more about who we actual are”.

You can learn more about Belmar here.